ProPulse® Speed Trainers - Baseball

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Your satisfaction is important to us!  ProPulse® Speed Trainers have a 95% satisfaction rating, however, we still offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee if you’re not happy with your ProPulse® Speed Trainers.
ProPulse® Speed Trainers patented design combines both audible feedback (sound) and dynamic feedback (shifting weight). This combination increases speed, timing, workload, and integrates your entire body when performing basic and advanced exercises. What you place in your hands can resonate throughout your entire body. For example, kettlebells or dumbbells are held in your hands and used to strengthen the upper body, core, and legs. The ProPulse® Speed Trainers use a dynamic return (quickness, force, integration,  conditioning) and sound (timing, rhythm, balance and coordination) so you can "hear" and "feel" them working for you and with you. 
The ProPulse® Speed Trainers come complete with free training and exercises so you can hit the ground running.  The training and exercises are easily accessible, detailed, and simple to implement so you can get started right away.
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The shifting weight inside of the ProPulse® Speed Trainers creates a dynamic return that you can feel ingraining proper movement. It creates rhythm and timing to help you sync-up movements and integrate both sides of your body


Get to the ball faster, get under the ball faster. ProPulse® Speed Trainers train your body to quickly and efficiently find the correct angles and positions to react faster


ProPulse® Speed Trainers teach you how to eliminate the "false step" and generate more speed and power for faster base running


ProPulse® Speed Trainers help you develop speed, power and timing to improve your "catch and release" game. Catch and get rid of the ball faster with more accuracy.