ProPulse® Speed Trainers

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Your satisfaction is important to us!  ProPulse® Speed Trainers have a 95% satisfaction rating, however, we still offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee if you’re not happy with your ProPulse® Speed Trainers.
Run faster, longer and stronger with ProPulse® Speed Trainers. ProPulse® Speed Trainers new patented design and techniques improve stride frequency, cadence and efficiency-integrating your upper and lower body to work as one complete system. Comes with easy to access proprietary videos and exercise so you can start running better on day one!
The ProPulse® Speed Trainers come complete with free training and exercises so you can hit the ground running.  The training and exercises are easily accessible, detailed, and simple to implement so you can get started right away.
ProPulse® Speed Trainers’ design and method of use have been patented, making them one of a kind.  The way the ProPulse® Speed Trainers enhance your training and body is not novel, it's effective!

The shifting weight inside of the ProPulse® Speed Trainers creates a dynamic return that you can feel ingraining proper movement. It creates rhythm and timing to help you sync-up movements and integrate both sides of your body.


As a former Olympic runner and now guide runner for Paralympians, I have spent countless hours on the track training, working on technique, etc. ProPulse® Speed Trainers have transformed the way I run.

Jerome Avery, Former Olympic runner and guide runner for Paralympians
The Problem:

Traditional running instruction does not teach you how to use your upper body to generate more power and greater efficiency. Your upper body (head, arms, hands, trunk)account for approximately 60% of your entire body, legs making up approximately 40%.  Why wouldn't you put that 60% to work?

The Solution:

ProPulse® Speed Trainers teach you how to “pulse" your arms in a downward motion, as opposed to swinging your arms one at a time in an upward motion. This downward “pulsing" effect takes the energy from your upper body and transfers it through your lower body, decreasing the workload on your legs and increasing your power by giving you more efficiency and better overall balance.

The Shifting

The shifting weight inside of the ProPulse® Speed Trainers teaches you how to perfect the “pulsing" technique. The weight shifts upward as you move your arm down, helping you launch into your next stride by decreasing your time on the ground and synchronizing your strides, so that you can both hear and feel the technique taking effect. If it sounds right, it is right.