ProPulse® Speed Trainers

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Your satisfaction is important to us!  ProPulse® Speed Trainers have a 95% satisfaction rating, however, we still offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee if you’re not happy with your ProPulse® Speed Trainers.

As soon as ProPulse® Speed Trainers are in your hands you will feel the difference. 

Patented and designed to generate faster reaction time, increase speed, and amplify conditioning. ProPulse® Speed Trainers offer more than just a weight in your hands, the shifting weight inside and audible feedback  help increase speed, pace, output, engage your entire body so you get more from your working out, running, and fight training.    

The ProPulse® Speed Trainers come complete with free training and exercises so you can hit the ground running.  The training and exercises are easily accessible, detailed, and simple to implement so you can get started right away.
ProPulse® Speed Trainers patented design combines both audible feedback (sound) and dynamic feedback (shifting weight). This combination increases speed, timing, workload, and integrates your entire body when performing basic and advanced exercises. What you place in your hands can resonate throughout your entire body. For example, kettlebells or dumbbells are held in your hands and used to strengthen the upper body, core, and legs. The ProPulse® Speed Trainers use a dynamic return (quickness, force, integration,  conditioning) and sound (timing, rhythm, balance and coordination) so you can "hear" and "feel" them working for you and with you. 



When it comes to physical fitness, what you put in your hands can make all the difference. It can dictate speed, power, and strength and resonate throughout your entire body. Dumbbells, bars, and kettlebells can strengthen the legs, chest, shoulders, back while ProPulse Speed® Trainers improve speed, conditioning, and global movement.  


ProPulse® Speed Trainers train your body to run faster and more efficiently. Whether you train with them 10 minutes before a run, or use them during your run, ProPulse® Speed Trainers are patented to help improve your cadence, contact time, stride, joint loading, and overall running economy.


The patented ergonomic design helps improve quickness in your hands and feet, syncs your movement patterns, and allows you to hear and feel proper techniques, timing, and transitions from one combination to the next