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    From My Hands to Yours
    --an important message from the Inventor

    You’re here because you’ve heard about the movement and want to get on board training with the new patent pending WeckMethod Pulsers right now.  

    If you’re not here for this reason, please go to FaceBook and search for the “WeckMethod Inner Circle within the Triangle” group.  You’ll find answers to your questions there.

    The manufactured Pulsers are in the design and testing phase - so for a limited time you are getting hand made Pulsers with lots of TLC going to each and every set “from my hands to yours”.  

    Yes, I personally have a hand in building each and every set of Pulsers you get until the manufactured units are ready (can’t project a date yet).  Once the factory units are ready - I never build another hand made set again.  

    Pulsers come in 8, 4 & 2 ounce units.  (note: cap colors may vary)

    I recommend everyone get a set of the 8 ounce Pulsers.

    If you are training for speed, agility and power sports and sprints, you should also get the 4 ounce Pulsers.

    If you’re training for distance running, you’ll want the 8 and 2 ounce sets.

    Make no mistake about it, the key to Pulsing is the technique.  The Pulsers themselves are essential, but it’s how you use them that is the key.

    For this reason, your purchase buys you access to a private training group where I, along with a host of incredible coaches and athletes, train you, answer questions and make sure you know exactly how to get faster (and fitter).  

    Every Step Stronger.

    All the Best,
    David Weck

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