Inertia Wave® SOLO

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The Inertia Wave® SOLO is our original single-person HIIT training device for at home or on the go. Anchor it virtually anywhere, and begin performing the Methods of Use for a fast-paced kick-ass workout.

The Inertia Wave is a safer, more effective battle ropes alternative.

The Inertia Wave is far superior to battle ropes blowing them away in core engagement, energy systems, caloric expenditure, and cognitive skills. Include it in your everyday routine to enhance athletic performance whether you're an athlete, firefighter, military or law enforcement officer, or regularly engage in extremely demanding physical activities.


What's included with your purchase:

  • (2) Inertia Wave® SOLO tubes
  • (2) Rail Anchors
  • (1) Inertia Wave Safety Instructions


 Creative Ways To Anchor Inertia Wave ® SOLO


Beginners Methods of Use Inertia Wave® SOLO


Advanced Methods of Use Inertia Wave SOLO


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