BOSU® Elite by WeckMethod

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Proudly made in the USA, the new BOSU® Elite uses resistance rather than instability to condition and sculpt your body both athletically and aesthetically. Its high density dome intensifies strength training, core training, and agility training. Whether your goals are to play faster on the field, be stronger under the bar, or get in the best shape of your life, the BOSU® Elite is your solution.


  • High density dome for pressurized resistance
  • New power line & textured power zone for visual & tactile cueing
  • Reinforced base for platform side exercises
  • Durable, rugged dome for greater force production
  • New honeycomb grip


  • Intensifies strength and compression training
  • Develops explosive power during ballistic and agility exercises
  • Primes the body for heavier lifts
  • Creates stronger athletic positioning
  • Improves reflexive training
  • Reduces injury & improves flexibility
  • Unifies movements & body mechanics
  • Easier assimilation for first time users, active aging, and rehabilitation
  • Enhances foot strength and force production on the ground




    • BOSU Elite Balance Trainer
    • Owner's Manual
    • Hand Pump and Plug
    • Online access to comprehensive video library

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