Product Questions

Are there tutorials or videos on how to use the products?
Yes!  Please visit our comprehensive video library here:  https://www.weckmethod.com/videos
What type of warranty is included with WeckMethod products?
Please visit our Warranty and Returns page for more details.
Where are WeckMethod products made?
The BOSU Elite and RMT Club are proudly made in the USA!  

What is the difference between a BOSU Pro and Elite?
The principle difference between the BOSU Elite and all of the other BOSU balls is the density/firmness of the dome.  The BOSU Elite has a very firm dome and is easier to balance on.  It was designed in particular for Compression Strength Training.  The Original BOSU ball (Consumer, Pro & NexGen) provides more intensity for training the intrinsic muscles of the feet and fine tuning balance reflexes.  It is also more comfortable and less intense for core exercises that involve lying on the dome.

How do I properly inflate my BOSU Elite? Is it possible to over inflate?
Proper inflation of the BOSU Elite is very important. Do not over-inflate! Initial inflation should be no more than 8". Please refer to the inflation instructions in your manual, or watch the inflation video here

Is it common for my BOSU Elite bladder (dome) to separate from the base?
This is not common, however when it does happen it is usually a result of overinflation.  Deflate the BOSU Elite and reattach the bladder to the base.  Contact us if you need assistance with reassembly.

What is the proper RMT Club weight for: golfer, baseball player, shoulder injury, (sport specific)?
We generally recommend the 4 lb RMT Club for most people and most applications.  You can find a detailed video with more information here: Which RMT Club is Right for You?

What do you recommend hitting the RMT Club against?
We recommend a soft padded surface at least 2" thick.  A heavy bag or a BOSU Balance Trainer work well for striking.  Please keep in mind this training tool is a Club, not a Hammer, and should be treated as such.  While it can be used to strike padded surfaces, that is not the primary use for the club.  Excessive striking will shorten the lifespan of the club.  There are many Rotational Movement Training exercises beyond striking that you can benefit from.  Visit our video library for some inspiration.

Order Questions

What is the return policy?
Please visit our Warranty and Returns page for more details.

How long do orders take to ship?
Most orders leave the warehouse within 2 business days.  Our primary warehouse is located in Ohio, and occasionally we ship from California.  Your order may ship via USPS Priority Mail, FedEx Ground/Home, or a combination of the two.  

Can I track my order?
Yes!  Your tracking number will be sent automatically via email when your order hits the mail stream.

Can you ship internationally?
Yes!  Please contact us and let us know which items you wish to order as well as your delivery address.  We will either direct you to your nearest distributor or provide a quote to ship from the US if there is no distributor in your area.

Wholesale Inquiries

I’d like to sell WeckMethod products, where can I find wholesale information?
Please contact us and let us know which product(s) are you interested in selling and where you wish to sell them (online, retail, etc.), and we will connect you with our wholesale team.