WeckMethod™ RMT Rope

While you can roll just about any kind of rope for exercise (and we encourage you to roll many different ropes!), some ropes just roll better than others.

This rope is made from premium quality rope and comes with custom hand-rolled rope handles. The rolled handles create an amazing grip that you can use for pull ups and stretching exercises, too! The advantage of using just the rope - with no swivels - is the connection it creates between your right and left hands; it operates as a constant feedback mechanism that allows you to compare and contrast both sides instantly. There's something very cool about training with a top-quality rope like this one!

If you're serious about training with ropes, then you want a rope like this in your arsenal.  The weight of this rope is just right for finding the perfect timing with total body integration of your load/explode exchange. 

At 8-feet in length, these ropes are perfectly sized for most people.  Simply tie a knot slightly below a handle to shorten the rope.

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