WeckMethod™ RMT Rope
WeckMethod™ RMT Rope
WeckMethod™ RMT Rope
WeckMethod™ RMT Rope

WeckMethod™ RMT Rope

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Unlike a traditional jump rope or battle rope, the RMT® Rope is designed to integrate movements and unify your entire body to work as one complete system. It does this by teaching you how to create complete, fluid movements patterns which focus on the rotational movements of your body through the use of your shoulders, hips, pelvis, and legs to develop muscular integration while building coordination, agility and balance.
The RMT Rope comes complete with free training and exercise so you can hit the ground running.  The training and exercise are accessible, detailed, easy to implement so you can get started right away.
Rotational Movement Training is the optimal way to get carryover from the gym to real world situations or specific athletic endeavors. Expressing rotation from one side of the body to the other is the most fundamental form of energy management we have as human beings regarding biomechanics. WeckMethod products are designed with training this side to side expression of our core in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

The RMT Rope is made of durable reinforced double braided nylon 

custom handle

The RMT Rope has custom rolled handles that create an amazing grip that you can use for pull-ups and stretching exercises, too! 

Rotational Movement Training

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