BOSU® NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer

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How do you make the BOSU® Balance Trainer better than it already is?  By developing new training applications that unlock greater utility from this unique training than ever before.  

This is why the Next Generation BOSU® Balance Trainer exists.  Its Next-Generation Design was created specifically for Next Generation Programming.  

Every fraction of an inch in positioning on the dome makes a difference in the effectiveness of training with the BOSU® Balance Trainer.  With insights gleaned from almost 20 years of training - David Weck, the inventor of the BOSU® Balance Trainer has discovered new training methodologies for the BOSU® Balance Trainer that produce superior athletic and aesthetic than ever before (superior to any training tool). 

Compression Strength Training™ and Coiling Core Training™ are the Next Generation Training innovations for the BOSU® Balance Trainer that are a must for optimizing both the function and form of the human body.  

The Next Generation design enables you to do everything you could do before with greater precision and better results.  And the new training methodologies are game-changing.  That’s how you make the BOSU® Balance Trainer better than ever before.