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WeckSteps work by positioning your feet at precise angles to prevent eversion and pronation collapse by relieving stress on your feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders caused by the natural effects of gravity, weakness, and/or poor posture.

The use of WeckSteps broken down into three individual categories: 

Work:  Using WeckSteps with physical movement or exercises such as Kettlebells swings, Non-Weighted Squats, Lunges.

Rest:  Is simply that. Any resting position. Whether at a stand-up desk, watching, TV, or even doing dishes. Just stand on WeckSteps and feel the difference.

Recovery:  Between work sets (exercise) or after training such as a long run,  heavy-lift day, or after game day.  

We like to say WeckSteps are “simply complex," at first glance they look simple in their design and presentation; however, the precision of the WeckSteps’ angle and pitch of the platform has gone through hundreds of hours of testing from all ages, genders and physical capabilities.  The best part -- They are not complicated to use, just stand on them and you feel more balanced and aligned. 

WeckSteps are your simple solution to feeling better at the most fundamental level.

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