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Whats Included in the P.BR. Kit?

PBR Training Kit comes with the following equipment and exercise videos as part of your purchase (emailed and on the website):

ProPulse® Speed Trainers 

  • Unlock your body’s untapped potential to run, move, and react with greater speed, power, and efficiency — regardless of sport, age, or activity
  • (1) set of two 12-oz ProPulse® Speed Trainers 
  • Multipurpose for fitness training, running or sports-specific training
  • Work by converting the energy produced from your upper body (head, arms, hands, trunk) to your lower body learning the Double Down Pulse™ Technique

WeckMethod Resistance Bands (1/2-inch and 1-inch bands included)

  • Bands come complete with new and innovate training from mobility exercises to strength training and everything in-between 
  • (1) Highly durable 1/2-inch Coiling Core Training® Band (30-lb resistance) with a 41-inch loop
  • (1) Highly durable 1-inch Compression Strength Training™ Brand (120-lb resistance) with a 41-inch loop

RMT® Rope (Black available)

  • Comes with specialized training that develops mobility, coordination, core strength, and rotational power on both sides of your body
  • (1) 8-ft Rope made with a durable braided rope (1-lb.) that offers a flexible bend for performing dynamic movements and a customized grip
  • Special braided handles to build hand articulation, coordination, flexibility, and strength in hands and forearms