Premium vs. Original RMT Rope

Utilizing hybrid performance technology, RMT Premium Rope features a strong core of blended Vectran and polyolefin with a durable polyester cover. VPC is a unique mid-tech product for sheets, halyards and jibs



  1. Cover: Polyester

  2. Core: Vectran and polyolefin

  3. Diameters: 6-12mm


Double Braid, Great Strength, UV Resistance, Easily Splicable, Abrasion Resistance

  1. Strength - Excellent strength thanks to blended Vectran® core

  2. Elongation - Minimal elongation

  3. Material - Vectran® and Polyolefin core with 16 Plait Polyester cover

  4. Splicing - Easy to splice and taper