RMT Club by WeckMethod

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$15 OFF Plus FREE SHIPPING for Backorder on 4lb Club only (Discount applied at checkout)

Made in the USA, the RMT® Club is used by professional athletes and trainers in virtually every sport because of its versatility and unique training benefits. Its patented design opens new avenues in functional training and improves functional strengthrotational power, mobility, coordination, core strength, conditioning, and balance.


  • Improves functional strength and rotational power
  • Improves mobility, coordination, and balance
  • Enhances athleticism and movement efficiency
  • Unifies and integrates dominant and non-dominant sides

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RMT Club is one product which can take the place of Many.  The RMT Club is extremely versatile giving you the ability to target specific regions such as Core,  Shoulders, Legs, Back as well as more global focuses like  improving mobility, rotation, conditioning and total body integration.  The RMT Club is also used for sport specific  training such as golf, baseball, tennis and much more.
The RMT Club’s Patented Design and Features stand a class by itself.  The shifting weight in RMT Club’s head, durable flexible nature of the Club head and ergonomically designed handle all work together to build speed, strength, core and mobility.  

The RMT Club comes with a 1-year manufacturers warranty.
The Technology

The RMT Club's has a Fixed Reinforced Handle - giving it the ability to connect multi-directional movement and increased range of motion

The Method

The RMT Club has Internal Shifting Weight - giving it the ability to create dynamic resistance, act as a counter weight, or provide audible feedback for proper positioning, timing, and, coordination


The RMT Club has a Durable Flexible Club Head - giving it the ability to absorb maximum impact

Rotational Movement Training is the optimal way to get carryover from the gym to real world situations or specific athletic endeavors. Expressing Rotation from one side of the body to the other is the most fundamental form of energy management we have as human beings in regards to biomechanics. Weckmethod products were designed with training this side to side expression of our core in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

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