Coiling Core Training Band

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WeckMethod Coiling Core Training Bands are made from high-quality rubber that provides the Limit Force Elastic Resistance you need to maximize the power of your Coiling Core. 

WeckMethod Coiling Core Training™ Band is available in Standard 1/2" width and Advanced 1" width.  Length is approximately 44".


Coiling Core Training™ is a concentrated form of rotational training that gets to the very essence of rotational power and produces immediate carryover to improved strength and speed. 

This means you can use Coiling Core Training™  to prime your body before other lifts - and before performance. 

What is “the Coiling Core”?

The Core Coils when the torso side bends in combination with counter-rotation of the shoulders and hips.  Coiling the Core maximizes the speed, power, efficiency, and safety of rotation.

Without side bending - counter-rotation of the torso is actually a “twisting” motion (which is both weak and stressful to the spine). 

You can feel your Core Coil when you throw a ball for example.  If you try to throw something without side bending your torso, you will immediately feel just how weak and awkward it is to rotate without Coiling.

“Coiling Core Training is an ‘every athlete, every session’ modality at Cal Poly.  It is a fundamental part of our strength and conditioning program.”

-----Chris Holder Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Cal Poly 


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