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The Details on Our Innovation Team:

To us, our community members are invaluable and essential. It's filled  with thinkers, doers, innovators, collaborators, explorers, entrepreneurs, and outliers. They continue to provide inspiration, direction, challenge our ideas, enable us to understand different perspectives and most importantly,  put the best products and training in the marketplace.

If you are one of the people mentioned above, the WeckMethod Innovation Group is for you.

What's In It For You!

  • Exclusive access and discounts (25% and more) to new market fully functional prototypes and training concepts before being offered to the general marketplace. 

             Prototypes  Available: 

"The Deck™" 


Training Platform (2-pcs)

"Hybrid® Rope"

Sept 7th

Multifunctional Jump Rope


Mid December

Strength Training Device

    (New training concepts (videos) will be sent directly to your email inbox for you to use, provide feedback and explore) 
  • Exclusive access and discounts for finished go-to-market products before initial launch into the general marketplace.
  • Exclusive access to new training methodologies and concepts for you to explore and discuss with us and other community members.
  • Participation in the growth and development of new products and training in the marketplace.
  • Opportunity to submit your own ideas and/or inventions for advice, feedback, direction, or even inclusion in the WeckMethod lineup.  

How it works:

Once you sign up for the group, you will be sent an email with your personalized discount code and access code to unlock access to prototype products and training.  

Once you receive your access and discount codes via email, go to the "prototypes" tab on the WeckMethod shop page and select the prototypes you want.  You will use your access code to unlock the prototype products and the link or discount code to get your percentage discount.  

Note:  Please be sure to accept marketing when joining so we can send your discounts and access code.