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ProPulse® Speed Trainers Research Group

We are looking for 25 participants to take part in a running research program.  You will be learning new running techniques and be product testing the new ProPulse® Speed Trainers. ProPulse® Speed Trainers are a new and innovative running product designed to improve speed, cadence, alignment, and endurance.

   Participants will receive:

  1. One free pair of 12oz ProPulse Speed Trainers.

  2. Coaching on new techniques to enhance timing, cadence, and efficiency.

  3. Three separate 3D running Analysis Data Sets. 


     4. A Free 30 minute consulate with a Prehab Therapist and Gait Analysis 


      Participant Requirements:

  1. Participants must be 18+ years of age.

  2. Participants must be a San Diego resident and/or local throughout the entire time of testing period. 

  3. Participants must accept and sign at the day of event all terms and conditions including but not limited to Waiver of Release, Indemnification, Likeness Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, COVID-19 Waiver, Return of Goods if Failure to Finish Participation. 

  4. Participants agree not to have any current injuries or medical conditions that would affect their ability to safely participate in the research program.  

  5. Participants must be able to run a mile in a minimum of 9 minutes and be willing to run multiple ¼ mile efforts for time during testing.

  6. Participants will need to set aside time on three separate occasions. Two of which are to participate in the Live Testing at Prehab San Diego (10405 San Diego Mission Rd Suite 102 & 104, San Diego, CA 92108) and another to participate in a Zoom check in between the testing days. These dates & times are:

    1. Live Testing Day 1 - Saturday Feb 20th between 8:00am & 3:00pm PST at Prehab San Diego.

    2. Zoom Check In - Wednesday Feb 24th between 5:00pm & 6:00pm PST

    3. Live Testing Day 2 - Saturday Feb 27 between 8:00am & 3:00pm PST at Prehab San Diego.

(Participants will be assigned specific time blocks during the Live Testing days in order to help control the flow of the day and abide by any COVID-19 Regulations in regards to social distancing and to avoid gathering)

Prehab San Diego
10405 San Diego Mission Rd
Suite 102 & 104
San Diego, CA 92108

7. Participants will need to wear appropriate running/athletic attire on both testing days and are encouraged to bring your own water bottle, mask, sweat towel, and personal hand sanitizer.

(By completing the sign up form you, the participant, agree to all the Participant Requirements above)