WeckMethod™ LifeSaver Rope

This is a once in a lifetime offer to purchase USED one-of-a-kind extremely limited equipment that is ONLY used by some of the world’s best athletes.  We have only released LifeSavers to top level trainers who work with professional athletes (Todd Durkin has trained Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, and many other NFL SuperStars for years using the LifeSaver).  The LifeSaver is a circular ring made from massive rope (5.5” diameter / 18” circumference - large enough to anchor the largest ships in the world).

The LifeSaver Rope weighs approximately 24 lbs. and has 4 interwoven 1.5” handles around it.  The LifeSaver makes your hands, shoulders, and core ridiculously strong.  You can’t develop the same kind of functional strength and coordination with your hands using weights. The LifeSaver toughens your entire body developing real life “man” strength you can use in any situation.  

Supply is extremely limited and once we have sold all of the USED LifeSavers, that’s it - there will be no more USED LifeSavers at this incredible price.


International orders please email info@weckmethod.com

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Type: Equipment

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