RMT Club - Mobility

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Your Satisfaction is important to us! TheRMT® Club has over a 90% satisfaction rating, however, if you are not satisfied we do offer a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
The RMT® Club is one product that can take the place of many.  It is extremely versatile, giving you the ability to target specific regions such as core,  shoulders, legs, and back, as well as more global focuses like  improving mobility, rotation, conditioning, and total body integration.  The RMT® Club is also used for sport specific  training such as golf, baseball, tennis, and much more.

The RMT® Club’s patented design and features stand in a class by itself.  The shifting weight in RMT® Club’s head, durable flexible nature of the head, and ergonomically designed handle all work together to build speed, strength, core, and mobility.  

The RMT® Club comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

The RMT® Club comes complete with detailed exercises and drills so you can start getting better on day one. Exercise videos and drills are easily accessible via all devices (mobile, tablet & desktop) 

The reinforced handle gives it the ability to withstand high intensity movement patterns and quick changes in direction.

The flexible durable club head gives it the ability to absorb maximum impact, allowing you to finish functional and ballistic movements.

The internal shifting weight creates dynamic resistance and audible feedback for fluid movement patterns or intense resistance.

Increase Range of Motion

The RMT® Club allows you to perform dynamic movements to build strength, enhance joint function, and achieve greater range of motion.

Prevent Injuries

The RMT® Club allows you to warm up dynamically and maintain an injury free body - improving joint function and overall health.

Improve Mobility

Use the RMT® Club to improve and maintain joint mobility and stability in the shoulder girdle, as well as the entire body.